FLOSpac sachets were developed some years ago for New Zealand growers exporting flowers worldwide. The problems associated with using plastic vials; the hassle of capping and filling, the damage caused in packing, and the limitations on the free uptake of water by the flower were intolerable. The design of FLOSpacs solved the problems and added many advantages. Whilst initially FLOSpac were used mainly by exporters of orchids, sandersonia etc. they are now used predominantly by florists on cut flowers. Cut flowers, especially roses, need hydration and protection from bacterial contamination when given or sent to the customer. Otherwise the flowers' vase life can be severely curtailed.

FLOSpacs are a prefilled collapsible plastic sachet with a polyethylene foam seal across one side. The flower stem end is pushed through the foam seal into the fluid preventing leakage.

The advantages of the FLOSpac sachets are:

(1) FLOSpacs are economical and easy to use.
(2) FLOSpacs are prefilled with filtered water with a small amount of flower-friendly bacticide added.
(3) One sachet can be used for one stem up to 10mm thick or for multiple thinner stems.
(4) As water is taken up the sachet collapses so that there is no air bubble or vacuum that may restrict to take up of fluid by the flower.
(5) FLOSpacs are flexible, they do not damage flowers in packing.
(6) FLOSpacs look good and demonstrate to customers a commitment to quality.

FREE SAMPLES OF FLOSpacs for trialing and assessment can be obtained from us on request. E-mail us at giving name and mailing address

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